How To Attract The Girl Who Understands You

In our times, women seem to be learning more, asking questions more, developing themselves more daily and therefore know the kind of men that can secure their lives, homes and career dreams and hopefully amplify these aspirations as they support their men.

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How To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul

Hello boo, WHO PUT US IN THIS INHUMANE TRAP? Weird question, huh? Well, I had a conversation with a dear someone recently about emotions and how being ‘too emotional’ could make someone a mess… In his opinion, being too emotional (affectionate, really) and showing it in a relationship makes girls take advantage of you (he […]

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Happy 2020 and Why You Matter as a Single Man

You are such a great man! Gosh! You had to find your way to my blog even as a  new year dawns? It shows the kind of man you are. This is the platform for powerful grounded men who are looking forward to falling in love, being in love, spreading love and building a happy […]


How to Know You Are Ready To Choose A Wife

How do you really know, you are ready to bring a woman into your life and start a family?   Before then, a brief gist…   I spent the Christmas checking out to make sure my funnels are all working…lol   I remember how lost I used to feel whenever people used the term ‘funnel’ […]

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Rethinking The Man You Are

Hello dear, I am a woman in the world of men. My expertise is in listening to your heart, yearning and needs and provide insight from a woman’s perspective on love, relationship, success, and life in general. What makes you a man, is being a human being and human beings are not perfect, not always […]