I am Chisom Utibe Akah, popularly known as Jenny Chisom, a Nigerian blogger since 2009 with specialties in Inspiring, Empowering and Developing people using digital media, coaching and therapy. My skills and business expertise is in online business content, leadership, book publishing, blogging, entrepreneurship, public speaking, coaching and fear therapy.

I am the CEO/Co-founder of Login Bloggers Africa Ltd – an Influencer marketing company, and also the Editor-in-Chief at Logos Audibles Enterprises.

My first attempt at following my mission to inspire and coach men was in 2012 in a Blackberry messenger group with 49 men with classic support, but I shut it down in spite of all the ‘don’t do itttttttttts’.

Well, I soon got contracted as a social media influencer to give insight and promote the first ever landmark research on masculinity in my country called #BeingAManInNigeria a project funded by the DFID and implemented by Palladium through their Voices 4 Change project that lasted for 4 years.


It was in 2016 after the launch of that document and various mind mapping sessions on it involving the media, religious leaders, traditional leaders, youths, women groups and stakeholders that I proceeded to a Life Purpose Clarity session with Nigeria’s best coach, Peterson Adeniyi. That session validated my work and life mission which revolves around empowering, developing and inspiring Men, Young people and Married couples.

I established an online support for men on Nigeria’s Independence day, October 1, 2016 called The League of Extraordinary Men and with it we had vulnerability sessions called The Be A Man show weekly, amongst other activities which was aimed at inspiring members to know that they are not alone in their struggles. It was a huge success and today that community has grown to over 600 men and renamed The Men Code Movement – a name that came about after I published my first book.

Since 2016, I have written advocacy articles on why empowering men is a great step to better development especially for Africa as men who are loved and supported are better capable to show love and raise happy homes.

I and my amazing team of volunteers hosted the first summit tagged – The Real Men Summit in December 2016, the The Man and Himself – Purpose workshop in April 2017, The Man and Himself – Relationship in June 2017, and also a Virtual summit tagged The Men Code Summit in July 2019.

My blog is focused on telling these stories and more, giving single men tips about the world of women and guides on making the right choices so as to live happy and build strong grounded families. I provide 21st century common sense approach to handling love, self development, money in relation to winning the love of a good woman.

We run a membership-styled group that works towards providing exclusive support for men – single and married, in relationship, marriage, career, investment and fun. It is a great way to have accountability partners, get closer support and succeed without pressures.

We kill that ‘aloneness’ that you feel as a man even in the midst of the whole world.

You matter!

That is why I created this platform and offer these amazing services.

Beyond these, I speak in multiple events, make videos, and offer coaching and businesses services.

I have a Therapy and Coaching certification on Fear mastery, Biblical counselling and have won 5 awards for my work since 2012.

My self-assessment and marriage-ready trigger  The Ready To Choose a Wife checklist is a life saver tool.

You can host me in your city/country as my team and I, go on City tours, host Webinars, Virtual summits, Live conferences, Get away retreats and more.

You can reach me on jenny@jennychisom.com