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When, Who and How To Propose Marriage For a Peaceful Life – Webinar


Happy ‘Quarantine’ Kings,

Hahahaaha, I wanted to make you laugh and clam down, first.

It has been a hullaballo of emotions these days due to the Covid-19 Pandemic ravaging the world, and I must say “Keep faith and hope alive” at this point even as we all stay at home.

The world as we know it is taking a turn and truly things would not remain the same again as we see a shift in our education, health, economy and social lives. A few challenges stares us in the face as well as clarity about the things that really matter. One of them is the comfort of family and loved ones.

I have been told by several men how they are enjoying more bonding time with their families and more others told me, ”Jenny, the sex, sex, sex is one of the positives of this lockdown” and I am truly happy for such couples finding time to get sexually healthier.

For you, as a single man, are you in the ‘team, I must get married after this pandemic or lockdown’, I created a webinar just for you.

What is even more grand is that I have given you free pass to watch it now. It is called the PROPOSE FOR LIFE webinar.

Get right at it and do share your aha moments with me as you watch. Get access to the webinar HERE

By Jenny Chisom

Jenny Chisom is a pro blogger, digital entrepreneur passionate about building strong family units and a Fear Mastery therapist and coach working directly with men in support, inspiration, development and empowerment.

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