How To Attract The Girl Who Understands You

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Models are Jenny Chisom and Akindele Godwin Olajide

In our times, women seem to be learning more, asking questions more, developing themselves more daily and therefore know the kind of men that can secure their lives, homes and career dreams and hopefully amplify these aspirations as they support their men.

We have passed the age of ‘women, here is the key to a man’s heart‘…we got that on lock down. Trust me.

We are in the age where women are asking ‘where is the man who is ahead of my learning, my dreams, and leads me without thinking my suggestion means ‘disrespect’?

I, Jenny Chisom come from that perspective ”…do you know how to win a woman’s loyalty?”

We are in the age where a wise man must seek learning, train his mind, find his purpose, chart a life cause that is authentically his, then he can see clearly the woman who he can coach, lead, befriend and marry.

Women seek men who can lead in relationships…with initiatives, understanding, wisdom and who are just a step ahead of them, not behind.

A woman isn’t created to try to ‘drag a man along’, but to complement his loneliness (thinking of Adam). So if she is nagging in that relationship…check your voltage ooo…you may need to step down. (You get it?)

Trust me every man has the kind of woman who he is ahead of, and will totally sweep off her feet…(that’s why most people are getting married daily), so it is not a new theory.

It is when we want to go for women who are not on same frequency with us (in friendship, exposure, learning, value system), that problem dey shele…

Any man who doesn’t engage open communication purposefully in his relationship, seek opinion of his girlfriend, keep track of plans and delegate duties to her, without feeling obtuse (I don’t know where this word came from ooo) and stays in charge without pressures, is likely to keep trying to assert himself to no avail.

But you know I want the best for you…abi?

A man who wants a woman’s loyalty has to be more…and steps ahead of her.

(C) Jenny Chisom

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