How to Know You Are Ready To Choose A Wife

How do you really know, you are ready to bring a woman into your life and start a family?
Before then, a brief gist…
I spent the Christmas checking out to make sure my funnels are all working…lol
I remember how lost I used to feel whenever people used the term ‘funnel’ or ‘sales funnel’ years ago but anyway…
I have a lot of resources created to help single men get ‘choosing a wife’ right and ‘building a strong family’ right…as it is in line with my major life mission – Happy families led by happy grounded male role models as husbands and fathers.

I am so excited on this journey and after 3 years of advocating for male empowerment, I am on the journey to focusing on the core of my journey.
I have been ‘toasted’ as in wooed in this life ehn…lol, just like every average lady. I also do not expect it to end even if I become a mother of teens…, yes ooo
We intend to activate ‘vampire’ mode! LOL
That being said, I have had to say “that doesn’t show you are serious about me” to guys a few times, most others I have simply ignored because I didn’t feel ‘chased’, and I am such a girl, LOL, a few others I have been privileged to show how to toast a woman right (you are sure at this stage, it couldn’t be me, anymore…because coach-mode when activated, removes my baby girl cuddly lover mode).
Well after a last episode I had “falling in a kind of love’ across borders and the guy even proposing after just a few days of chatting (no face times), and then going ahead to say “he is seeing a girl, and hopes to attend my wedding with his children” because I told him, it is unseriousness to propose to someone you haven’t even met (I have done this kind of engagement years back). So after his statement, which I did not find funny…my empathy kicked in, and I had to stop hiding.
My empathy grew to over-boiling stage and I have settled into my calling. My narration above may seem funny, but I and several women have had funnier episodes and so many single men have been asking for help.
I am being all excited and rambling in this post because I do not know when I can do a video to speak to y’all, and I want you to get my Christmas gift still – The Ready-to-Choose-a-Wife Checklist.
Drum rolls!!!!!
Single guys – unmarried, divorced, widowed, it’s complicated, this makes my perfect gift and I love you so…
You can trouble-proof your relationship and future marriage if you take this time out to act on the recommendations from the checklist, trust me.
Follow this link to download it straight to your device as I await your feedback and action.
Go get her, boo!

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